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In order to buy tickets, we suggest that you always hover to the event page of our website for details. For online purchase, click “Buy Online” button and you will be redirected to the official Booking System. Online purchase accepts debit/credit card (VISA, Mastercard). In the event you are using a debit card to make payment, please ensure you have already authorized online transaction and have sufficient debit limit.

We advise you to only buy tickets from official ticket retailers. This will make sure you get real tickets that will get you past the gates. Many people who buy tickets on secondary market websites may find that their tickets are void (Note: Tickets unlawfully resold or attempted to be resold often break the terms and conditions stated by the venue or promoter). You might not be aware of this until you turn up at the concert venue, only to be told that your ticket is invalid, or your seat has already been taken by another ticket holder.

Avoid buying off anyone offering a quick sale of concert or event tickets through social media. With the best will in the world, the tickets themselves could be fake or deemed void at the venue, or not sent to you in time (if at all), and you have no protection as a consumer should things go wrong.

For general ticketing-related inquiry, you can drop us an email: [email protected] or send us a message via our Facebook page and we will get back to you.

Before purchasing tickets, it is your responsibility to carefully review your seat location, event, and performance date etc.

No cancellation, changes or refunds for ticket once purchased except pursuant to conditions under event cancellation, postponement or special case. Any booking cancellation, changes or refunds will be based on management decision. If management approved for cancellation, customer require to fill in a cancellation form as supporting for documentation.

In general, infants aged 2 or below are not allowed into the concert venue. Child must be of 95cm height or below to be eligible for child ticket priced at RM54 without seat, while child at height above 95cm must purchase tickets according to price scale. For safety reasons, the organiser reserves the right to limit the total number of child tickets issued. This term may vary depending on the concert venue.

You are advised to observe our announcements on our website or you may subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive the latest event updates or related offerings.

Most of our shows allow selection of ticket type but not individual seat. You'll be automatically assigned the best available seat. The system will generally pick the joining seats for you unless you choose the option of "split seats allowed".

Once you have been allocated tickets they are held for you while you complete your transaction. If another customer who has tickets held for them but doesn't complete their booking in time or decides not to go ahead with their purchase, the seats will be released to give someone else the chance to book them.

When there are only single seats left, this means there are not two or more seats side by side. If you choose to purchase multiple single seats, these seats will not be allocated next to each other.

As per our Terms and Conditions if you choose to book single seats, we cannot exchange you to seating side by side later.

You may be able to get away with last minute ticket shopping for some shows, but for the most part, it's best to buy ahead as to minimize your panic on the day of the show.

Accessible seats are spaces specifically designed for wheelchairs and include features like easier access, clear floor space and larger dimensions.

Tickets for accessible seats are reserved solely for customers with disabilities and their companions. Fans who abuse this policy could have their order cancelled. Tickets for accessible seats may be purchased through Star Planet's office only.

The gate usually opens 1 to 2 hours prior to show time. Therefore, you may be there any time before. However, if you are required to redeem or collect your concert tickets on the day, you are advised to be at the venue earlier as there may be queue for ticket collection. Upon your entry into an event, you and your belongings may be subject to search.

Generally, spectators are not allowed to bring in (a) potentially dangerous items such as a pointed umbrella, selfie stick, helmet etc. that could potentially hurt you or another concert-goer (b) illegal items like weapons and drugs (c) Distraction Items like laser pens, bullhorns, noisemakers. Recording devices, cigarettes, vapes and alcohol are also prohibited into the concert venue. Be sure to leave your fancy or professional cameras (with external flash), tripods, drones and techy stuffs such as computer tablet at home too.

Nevertheless, different venues/shows all have different rules on what you can bring in and in the event a band or Performer has their own preferences or rules, we always act in favor of the Artist. Therefore, it is important to do your research in advance. We advise you to check on event website and/or social media beforehand or contact us ahead to confirm what items are permitted.

If you absolutely need to bring things into the venue (phone, medication, merchandise, keys, etc.), it's a good idea to bring a small purse or fanny-pack (which are so in style right now) to the show. And to minimize lost or damaged items, it's best to keep your most beloved items locked safely in the car. Crowds can get pretty rowdy and it's not uncommon to have something broken.

Note: All information is correct at time of publishing but may subject to change without prior notice. The orgaiser reserves the right to amend the above information without prior notice. In the event of dispute, the organiser's decision shall be final.