Della Ding “Sing Together Again” Live house Tour 2023


It has been 4 years since “Want to fall in love” concert in 2018 and Della has not seen her fans at the concert for a long time. After 15 performances in 9 cities, including Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Singapore, Suzhou, Taipei, etc. on her “Sing Together Again” live house tour, Queen of Love Ballads and Mandopop star Della’s performance stage charm swept across major cities, and all the venues were full.

Now she will bring back her “Sing Together Again” and get together with her fans in Zepp Kuala Lumpur on 18th March.

“The concert is like a gathering with friends for me, and the live house is like the place where I just started. She has always wanted to sing to her fans in person, and finally she will be able to meet them face to face on 18th March. She is very excited about the enthusiasm of her Malaysian fans, and her catchy songs such as “Impossible to Guess”, “I Love Him” and “Palm of My Hand” are sure to become the must-have and must-sing songs of the night.“, said Della.

Della released the 90s Chinese Golden Melody Flip Plan’s “Sing Together Again” at the end of 2021 together with a collection of 10 champion golden songs of the Chinese music industry in the 1990s, including Ren Xianqi’s “Too Soft Heart”; Zhang Xinzhe’s “Love Like a Tide” and Zhang Yu’s “Good Heart” were often sung by her in pub in the past. And Zhou Hui’s “Promise”, which is on her personal music playlist and is one of her must-sing songs at karaoke. These golden songs “replay” have won praises and resonance from fans.


丁当2021年底推出「90s华语金曲翻玩计画」《当我们再一起》,精挑10首90年代华语乐坛重量级冠军金曲,包括任贤齐〈心太软〉;张信哲的〈爱如潮水〉与张宇的〈用心良苦〉则是她过往在PUB驻唱时,时常演唱的歌曲;周蕙的〈约定〉则是她个人音乐播放清单的歌曲,也是她KTV必点曲目之一.「翻玩」金曲获得歌迷好评与共鸣,这二年疫情关系无法和歌迷面对面。对此她说:「演唱会对我来说就像和朋友聚会,live house就像是我刚出道的地方,能和大家距离很近地聊天,对我自己来说是一种回到初心的地方。」一直很想当面唱给歌迷听的她,终于能在3月18日与歌迷面对面。想到马来西亚歌迷的热情,让她相当兴奋。朗朗上口的“猜不透”、“我爱他”、“手掌心” 等等历年K歌金曲更是歌迷的最爱,势必也将成为当晚的必唱曲!

Date: March 18th, 2023, 7pm,  ZEPP Kuala Lumpur
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