Ungu “26th Anniversary” Concert Live in Malaysia 2022 – Refund Request form

Event Postponement Notice

11 November 2022 – We wish to bring your attention that UNGU 26TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2022 originally scheduled on 18th and 19th Nov 2022 has been postponed to 26th and 27th December 2022.

The change of date is in response to the recent directive from PUSPAL to call off all concerts slated on 19 November, considering the date a clashing date with the country’s general election.

Details as follow:

18 Nov show to 27 Dec 2022 (Tuesday)
19 Nov show to 26 Dec 2022 (Monday, replacement public holiday)
Venue: Menara PGRM Kuala Lumpur
Show Time: 8:30pm

All tickets issued earlier will automatically become void and new tickets will be issued. Ticket purchasers are advised to revisit their “Ticket Purchase Confirmation Email” to retrieve their updated tickets once we complete the system update planned on 25 November 2022.

However, for ticket purchasers who are unable to attend the concert on the new dates, a refund will be granted. You are required to submit a Refund Request form on or before 16 ovember 2022 for a refund process.

Ticket sale for new dates will resume on 25 November 2022 from 11am onwards.

We regret for any inconvenience caused and we also want to thank media and fans of UNGU for your kind understanding and support.


Buat semua peminat-peminat Ungu, atas arahan yang diterima dari pihak PUSPAL, kesemua acara konsert yang berlangsung pada 19hb November di Kuala Lumpur harus dibatalkan berikutan ia bercanggah dengan Hari Pengundian negara.

Dengan itu, pihak Star Planet ingin mengumumkan bahawa, UNGU 26th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT LIVE IN MALAYSIA yang dijadualkan berlangsung pada 18hb & 19hb November akan ditunda kepada tarikh baru iaitu pada 26hb & 27hb December 2022.

Butiran seperti berikut:

18hb Nov kepada 27hb Dec 2022 (Selasa)
19hb Nov kepada 26hb Dec 2022 (Isnin, penggantian Cuti umum)
Tempat : Menara PGRM Kuala Lumpur
Masa : 8.30 Malam

Kesemua tiket yang sudah dikeluarkan kini DIBATALKAN. Semua pembeli hanya perlu menyemak semula “Purchase Confirmation Email” yang telah dihantar bagi mendapatkan tiket baru selepas kami menaik taraf sistem pembelian tiket pada 25hb November 2022.

Sekiranya pembeli tiket tidak dapat turut serta pada tarikh baru konsert UNGU, wang akan dikembalikan. Permohonan refund boleh dibuat dengan mengisi borang pemohonan refund sebelum atau pada 16 November 2022

Kami memohon maaf atas segala kesulitan dan kami juga ingin berterima kasih kepada pengamal media dan para peminat UNGU atas sokongan dan dorongan anda. Sekian Terima Kasih.

Refund Policies & Terms

1. Ticket purchaser shall complete and submit a Refund Request Form with all required information on or before 16 November 2022. Any submission after the closing date will not be entertained. Refund shall be processed on 28th November 2022.

2. Refund is only valid for ticket purchasers who have purchased tickets via official ticket agent (Ticket2U) and the refund submission shall be One-time only.

3. Upon successful verification, a refund will be made via bank transfer to a designated bank account provided by the ticket purchaser.3. It is important to provide the accurate information to ensure a smooth refund process. Erroneous information provided may result in the failure to complete the refund process (i.e. bank transfer rejection) and any re-submission will incur a RM10 admin fee. You are required to contact us at +60392233667 for re-submission.

4. All information submitted by ticket purchaser will only be used for the purpose of ticket refund and they will be treated as private and confidential.

5. Inquiry Hotline: Star Planet +60392233667 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm)