瘦子 E.SO 《无人机》2023 Live House World Tour Malaysia

Taiwanese rapper E.SO, widely known as 瘦子 (Shouzi) is poised to captivate Malaysian fans with his electrifying Live House World Tour in Malaysia. Fans and music enthusiasts can look forward to an evening of high-energy music extravaganza, as hitmaker E.SO brings his chart-topping hits and unparalleled talent to the stage. This eagerly awaited concert also signifies the rapper’s inaugural performance in Malaysia.

E.SO’s journey in the realm of hip-hop commenced during his teenage years. In 2008, he made his debut as a member of the hip-hop trio known as 顽童MJ116, known for their distinctive blend of American hip-hop music and captivating rap flow. Their remarkable music creations, including chart-toppers such as “Fresh Gang,” “Bad Neighbor,” and “Super Duper,” not only garnered widespread acclaim but also set new viewership records on various music platforms.The trio continued to make significant strides in their musical career by releasing albums like “Fly Out” and “BIG THING,” both of which received enthusiastic praise from their ever-growing fan base. Their success extended beyond their home region as they embarked on an extensive world tour that took them across Asia, Europe, and the United States, solidifying their status as international hip-hop sensations.

In 2020, E.SO took a significant step in his solo career by releasing his debut solo album titled “Outta Body (灵魂出窍).” The album was met with remarkable acclaim, and E.SO’s popularity surged, solidifying his status as a rising star in the music industry. “Outta Body (灵魂出窍)” received additional accolades when it was nominated at the 2020 Golden Melody Awards in three categories: Best Lyrics, Best Song of the Year, and Best Male Singer, reaffirming E.SO’s talent and his significant impact on the music scene. His cosmic-themed album “Earthbound” came into existence in 2021 and experienced a remarkable surge in album sale, providing further validation of E.SO’s prominent position in the music industry. 

瘦子 E.SO 本名 陈昱榕 ,从12岁就开始接触Hip Hop音乐,2008以嘻哈饶舌团体「顽童MJ116」成员之一出道。「顽童MJ116」的美式嘻哈音乐风格和强调节奏的饶舌Flow,在当时非主流Hip Hop圈里引起热烈讨论,其出色的音乐创作,包括单曲《Fresh Gang》、《坏邻居》和 《Super Duper》 等歌曲,在各音乐平台上都刷新了高点阅率纪录。 之后推出专辑《Fly Out》,《干大事 BIG THING》,广受好评,并获得了两岸三地乐迷的高度赞誉,并展开了跨足亚洲、欧洲和美国的世界巡回演唱会,赢得了全球乐迷的热烈追捧。 

2019年「顽童MJ116」宣布单飞不解散后,瘦子 E.SO 在2020年发布了他个人的首张专辑《灵魂出窍Outta Body》口碑及销售都很惊人,人气急升代言不断,更以这张专辑入围了2020年金曲奖的最佳作词、最佳年度歌曲以及最佳男歌手,隔年2021在准备挑战连续三场台北小巨蛋个人演唱会之时,带着《Outtabody 灵魂出窍》的音乐想法,瘦子 E.SO 特地与制作人一同到东部民宿, 在大自然的原始环境中捕捉最野性的灵感,再仰头望向星星,目光穿透地球的过去和现在后,发行了个人第二张宇宙概念专辑《EARTHBOUND》,更创下首次发布有声书的纪录,专辑口碑跟销量也是巨大的成长。

在「顽童MJ116」 出道十五年的岁月中,瘦子 E.SO 不断在创作中提炼自我思想。 不论你认识的是《Just Believe》那个因梦想而伟大的他,还是《脱罪》中深思沉静的成熟内敛的青年,或是《地痞》里诉说自我始终如一态度十足的瘦子 E.SO,你都能感受到他对社会不断地观察,对生命不断地反思,对自我不断地探索。「无人机」2023 Live House 巡回演唱会是瘦子 E.SO 近年来最令人期待的巡回演出之一,这也将是他首次以个人的形式, 站上吉隆坡舞台举办个人首次在马来西亚的演唱会。 他将在这场演出中呈现出令人叹为观止的音乐才华和震撼人心的舞台演出。瘦子 E.SO 说:无人机就像是先遣部队,让他的音乐及表演可以因此让更多人看见听见,因此将演唱会名称取为『无人机』,虽然规模较小一点,但表演绝不缩水,一定会带给观众们最棒的演出。

Seating Plan
Date: 21.11.2023 (Tue), 8:30pm
ZEPP Kuala Lumpur
Zone A


Free Standing + Group Photo
Zone B338.00Free Standing
Zone C398.00Numbered Seating
Zone D358.00Numbered Seating

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