helpful Tips

Please re-visit this page when nearing to the date of concert as there may be changes or relevant updates made

There will not be sale of official merchandise on show day.

Children aged 2 years or below are not permitted into the venue. Children aged 10 years or below and pregnant women are not permitted into the standing Rock Zones.

All gates will open at 3pm on show day. click to view Venue Map

For Rock Zone ticket holders, please note that the admission will follow the Queue Squence Number shown on your ticket. We will  pre-organise groupings to ensure a smooth admission for you. If you do not want to miss your queue, please be at the venue following our schedule below: 

Rock S1, J1, S2, J2 (Sequence 1-100)    
Gate Admission at 2:30pm  (present between 1:00pm – 1:30pm)

Rock S3, J3, S4, J4 (Sequence 1-100)   
Gate Admission at 2:40pm (present before 1:40pm)

Rock S5, J5, S6, J6 (Sequence 1-100)   
Gate Admission at 2:50pm (present before 1:50pm)

Rock S7, J7, S8, J8, S9, J9 (Sequence 1-100)
Gate Admission at 3:00pm (present before 2:00pm)

Wristbands will be issued and they are to be worn at all time.
Updates will be done when necessary and relevant. 

We would like to  inform you that there will NOT be exchange of physical ticket. You are required to print your E-ticket on an A4 paper OR flash your E-ticket using your mobile phone upon gate admission. Every ticket is attached with a unique QR code which will be scanned upon entry.

Please note that the QR Code is for one-time use only. Therefore, it is important that you refrain from circulating or sharing your E-ticket on any social media platforms, whatsapp message and etc. to prevent any ticket forgery.

The Priority Access Pass entitles you  to a 10-min early access into the venue using a designated lane if you are holding a numbered seat. If you are holding a rock zone ticket, you may enter the venue before customers within your queue batch only. For those who are eligible, please collect your Priority Access Pass from the ticket redemption counter (by showing your ticket and NRIC) between the time period from 12pm – 2:30pm on show day.  Kindly note that the Priority Access Pass is NOT a ticket, and a valid ticket is required for admission.

You are allowed to only exit and re-enter the venue using the designated lane(s) by the Organiser.  And for Rock Zone tickets, your ticket will be SCANNED OUT before your exit and SCANNED IN again when you re-enter your respective zone. 

Therefore, it is important for you to always have your ticket with you in case of gate checks or ticket verification required. 

The Organiser will not arrange any meet-up for fans and Artiste for gift presentation. However, we will make available empty gift boxes  on show day (at storage counters) for you to drop your gifts, souvenirs or presents. Last call for drop-off will be at 4pm.

Generally, spectators are not allowed to bring into the venue (a) potentially dangerous items that could potentially hurt you or another concert-goer (b) illegal items like weapons and drugs (c) Distraction Items  (d) Recording devices, cigarettes, vapes and alcohol. Be sure to leave your fancy or professional cameras, tripods, drones and techy stuffs such as computer tablet at home too.

A larger bag might get in the way on a packed general admission floor, particularly rock zones. So, limit your personal items to a small purse, fanny pack, or drawstring. And to minimize lost or damaged items, it’s best to keep your most beloved items locked safely in the car. Crowds can get pretty rowdy and it’s not uncommon to have something broken.

Smoking & Vaping is prohibited anywhere in the venue. Recording and Live Video Streaming of the concert is strictly disallowed throughout the show.  click to view image

Highlighted Notes:

  • No Back Pack at rock zones.
  • Only plastic bottles (500ml)  or non-alcoholic beverage in the form of paper packaging (500ml) are allowed into the venue.
  • Power Bank is prohibited (Note: This is the new SOP regulation imposed by the venue and relevant authority. Power banks are, although generally safe, they can catch fire or cause burns if they malfuntion).
  • Wearing mask is required at all time.

Please reach out to our crew for assistance on show day.