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杨千嬅 Miriam Yeung《My Tree Of Live》World Tour in Malaysia 2023

The theme of ‘My Tree Of Live’ reflects Miriam Yeung’s admiration for the enduring qualities of trees, which she sees as a metaphor for life’s journey and personal growth.

“Trees possess remarkable resilience, strength, and the ability to adapt to changing seasons. Through this concert experience, I hope to inspire my fans to embrace their own inner strength, navigate life’s challenges, and find beauty in every moment.” expressed Miriam.

‘My Tree Of Live’ tour is a narrative-driven musical performance consisting of six segments. Each performance is a storytelling experience where Miriam Yeung shares her stories with the audience through music. The tour will feature a carefully crafted setlist, combining Miriam’s timeless hits with new and inspiring songs.

With a career spanning over two decades, Miriam has released numerous chart-topping hits and garnered a loyal fan base across the globe.

这次的全新巡演主题为 “My Tree Of Live” 保留了关键词 “Live” ,从 “My Beautiful Live” 更偏向于内敛与自我的人生梳理,进化成了 “My Tree Of Live” 这样生命树般的累积与进化。“树木”寓意生长和历练,树木有着非常顽强的生命力,精力风吹过后亦会自我修复,再重新生长,风华正茂。每棵树木的年轮就象征着它生长的痕迹,也是他们的历史纪录;杨千嬅希望让观众看到一个充满生命力的舞台,巡演创作概念从“树木”出发, 6个段落以“树”的生命作为串连,由舞台概念、背景动画、灯光效果、音乐编排、舞蹈编排、服装设计,环环紧扣, 呈现出不同感觉和气氛。这次是一个有故事性的音乐演出,每一场演出,就是杨千嬅透过音乐与大家说故事,起承转合,每一个部份都是经过精心设计和考量,非常细致。

杨千嬅认为,人生需要经历,用内心和透过历练来欣赏每首歌、每份歌词。从《飞女正传》到《烈女》、《私奔》、《最后的歌》……还是引发万人大合唱的经典《可惜我是水瓶座》、《小城大事》、《少女的祈祷》、《野孩子》、《姊妹》等歌曲,每首歌曲陪伴歌迷一同走过不同的人生历程, 伴随着许多珍贵的回忆和成长经验,有欢欣、有鼓舞、有深情、有伤感,也表达着杨千嬅对生命的感悟和对音乐的热爱, 她希望大家在“My Tree Of Live” 这个全新的演绎当中,为回忆增添更多美丽的画面。

Seating Plan
Date: 07.10.2023 (Sat), 8:30pm
Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting
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