Team Of 350 Will Be Working On Andy Lau’s Concert Stage Setup For 2 Weeks

A total number of 350 people will be working on My Love Andy Lau World Tour in Axiata Arena for a span of 2 weeks. This concert set to break record with the first timer ever performer flying system with longest loop track, as well as the largest projection-mapping sky screen ever built for an indoor concert in Malaysia.

The installation of the giant sky screen alone cost an additional of RM350,000 for over 60 sets of lifting points onto the ceiling. 20 units of top-notched laser projectors will be used to construct stunning 360°interactive projection effects, adjoining the stage screens and the entire sky screen to deliver an immersive concert visual experience resembling the sky and earth that turn the show into a dazzling visual feast!

In addition to this the performer flying system requires professional technicians and engineers for precise setup that allows the performer to be lifted in the air moving around in 360°degrees around the arena.

The production team has already tested all equipment before wrapping up and ship to Malaysia. The shipments had arrived in Malaysia one after another by mid of August and the stage construction will commence 2 weeks before the concert and has called upon 350 workers to work round the clock

Jointly presented by Alliance Malaysia Berhad and S P Setia, and collaboratively organized by Star Planet, Entertainment Impact (Hong Kong) and Focus Entertainment, ‘My Love Andy Lau World Tour . Kuala Lumpur 2019’ will be held 3 days consecutively on 13th, 14th and 15th September, 8pm at Axiata Arena Kuala Lumpur!

Currently, all tickets valued at RM988, RM888, RM598, RM498, RM398 and RM288 are fully sold!

There are remaining RM748 tickets while stock lasts for fans to purchase through the ticketing channel or call 03-9223 3667 for more information.

Source: Adam Amusement