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SUPER JUNIOR Is Back! This is SJ’s firsts concert since 2013

AFTER three years of preparation, Super Junior, a veteran K-pop band, finally met Malaysian ELFs on Oct 10 as part of their Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 9: Road, organised by Star Planet. There are currently nine individuals in the group: Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Siwon, Donghae, Yesung, Ryeowook, and Heechul. Heechul, however, was unable to take part in the tour because of a leg injury.

The stage setup inside Bukit Jalil Axiata Arena was flawless that day, thanks to support from Tourism Malaysia. There was enhanced interaction between the idols and the crowd thanks to the stage construction, which stretched into wings on either side of the walkways from the main stage. Fans from all of the ticketing zones were able to view the lads up close and appreciate their outstanding performances. The additional lighting effects, such as fog machines and lasers, provided for a dazzling performance that lived up to Super Junior’s well-established reputation.

Loud applause started to fill the arena after a dramatic start in which the boys’ hands were tied to red threads to resemble marionettes. It was magical when the official light sticks changed colours in response to the tunes. Burn The Floor served as the concert’s opening song. When they performed in such incredible formations, the applause was even greater. The Crown, Super, and Mr Simple came after that.

The lads kept a commanding stage presence with their deft movements. By the time they started singing Mr. Simple, they had broken into two groups and were dancing off to the sides of the main stage. It was a true visual pleasure to watch the lads dance to such a classic tune so close up. When the group addressed the audience, the men acknowledged their own mistakes, made fun of one another, and even alluded to inside jokes that loyal fans would undoubtedly get. In order to interact with the audience, they also took the effort to say certain Malay words like “apa khabar,“ “saya rindu kamu”, and “saya cinta kamu.”

The segment continued with Ticky Tocky, Paradox, Mystery and 2YA2YAO. The lads came out looking as beautiful as ever in fitted black slacks and dazzling black shirts. They genuinely made fans happy with their smooth dance skills. After a brief intermission, they returned to the stage to perform their ballads I Can’t and Believe in soft harmony. The guys looked charming in their light-coloured floral attire as the stage was set up. When My Wish started, the crowd cheered even louder. It is one of the songs that is very dear to the ELFs who have seen their growth and difficulties after their single Callin’.

The members of Super Junior are also widely recognised for their appearances on variety shows. In this concert, they made excellent use of their talents. A short clip with them dressed in wigs and costumes to parody classical musical greats was shown halfway through. Then they performed a classical opera mash-up of their songs Spy, Rokkugo, and Mamacita as they took to the stage. Another video of them playing the guess-the-song game after the concert showed them taking turns guessing their music videos.

After the hilarious part, Siwon, Shindong, and Leeteuk performed Latte, to raucous applause from the audience. Each member was given a unique dance to express themselves, and without a doubt, they shone brilliantly and warmed everyone’s hearts. The next performance was House Party, which got everyone singing along. Since it was released at a time when Covid was at its height, this song was highly appreciated by the audience. In the song, Super Junior encourages everyone to wear a face mask and stay at home.

Everyday, Wonder Boy, and Let’s Dance came next. These were all more upbeat tunes. It amazed me that the energy of the ELF did not even slightly decrease. All the while, they kept up the same heightened enthusiasm. The boys were clearly growing tired, but they kept engaging with the crowd by going around the stage and waving to them.

They resumed the performance by playing their well-known Devil and their most recent song, Mango. Despite Siwon’s fluency in English, fans observed that he wasn’t speaking to them in that language. The explanation was subsequently made clear by Siwon, who stated that he made a bet with Eunhyuk that he would not use any English throughout the show – and then promptly lost, because he accidentally used an English word while explaining the bet.

The show continued with a bad boy theme. D&E, a formidable duo from Super Junior, scorched the stage with their well-known songs Bad and Danger. For the performances of Black Suit, Sorry Sorry, and Bonamana, the remaining lads joined them on stage. One of the reasons why people learned about K-pop back in the day was undoubtedly Sorry Sorry. The audience erupted in applause as they saw the group perform the well-known song.

As they prepared for the encore, they stepped backstage, and behind-the-scenes footage was displayed on tv. The lads then sang More Days With You, Walking, and Happiness to wrap up their performance. They thanked the fans in turn and made a promise to return soon. The performance came to a joyful conclusion. Incidentally, this was was my first K-Pop concert. Without a doubt, it was a night to remember!

Source by: 
The Sun Daily

Published on: 20.10.2022