Miriam Yeung “My Beautiful Live” World Tour In KL

Description of Event

Jointly organised by Unusual Productions (China) Ltd, Entertainment Impact and Star Planet, Hong Kong ever-popular singer-cum-actress Miriam Yeung announced her triumphant return to Malaysia with her brand-new tour “My Beautiful Live”!

This World Tour has recorded sell-out shows in major cities with tickets grabbed up in minutes, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Foshan, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Her tour also fetched overwhelming response in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Vancouver and Toronto and is expected to reach over 50 shows by year 2020.

Titled as “MY Beautiful Live,” Yeung revealed that one will have the best life if you know how to appreciate all the perfects and imperfections. A beautiful life is not just about good things, but failure and imperfection at different stages of life. Going through the tough will make us grow, accumulate wisdom and to achieve perfection with imperfection, and live a brilliant life.

Her return after nearly a 5-year hiatus to Malaysia will promise to be a splendid performance. Featuring high standards million-dollar stage production, the show will also be a fashion extravaganza. A theme song “Crossing (穿越)”was also released to exclusively commensurate her new tour.

Yeung will be delivering a tale of her “beautiful life” through her classic hits that will surely be an audio-visual feast for her long-time fans, including “Unfortunately I’m an Aquarius” (可惜我是水瓶座), “A Maiden’s Prayer” (少女的祈祷), “Small Town Event” (小城大事), “The Wild Child” (野孩子), “Story of a Bad Girl” (飞女正传), “Goodbye Nichō” (再见丁二目) and more.

Yeung has been acclaimed a multi-talented artiste and has won herself honourable awards and accolades such as “Golden Music Awards Ceremony – Best Female Singer Gold Award”, “Top Ten Best Songs Awards Ceremony – Most Popular Female Star”, “Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Actress” and the “Hong Kong Film Critics Association Awards – Best Actress” , among others. Her popularity soared recently with her superb role acting in the recent Hong Kong TVB drama series “Wonder Woman”.

影、视、歌三栖的香港天后杨千嬅,宣布即将携带全新巡演《My Beautiful Live》凯旋回归马来西亚。由香港特高制作、艺能制作和Star Planet星艺娱乐联手主办,演唱会确定在3月21日,晚上8点,吉隆坡Axiata Arena万人室内体育馆隆重登场。这是杨千嬅阔别5年之久,重返大马舞台开唱,并且是她在吉隆坡举行的首次万人演唱会!

巡演去年3月从广州正式启航,陆续唱响珠海、深圳、佛山、北京、南京、上海、成都等内地各大城市,更在各地掀起抢票风潮,广州、深圳演唱会门票更是在5分钟内秒杀售!巡演随后也越洋登入墨尔本、悉尼、奥克兰、温哥华、多伦多等海外地区, 巡演预计将进行超过50个场次。

杨千嬅透露巡演取名为“My Beautiful Live”,寓意美丽人生不止是美好的事,而是包含人生不同阶段的失败和不完美。经历最低谷会让我们真正成长,累积智慧,用不完美成就完美,活出灿烂人生。懂得欣赏所有的完美和不完美,才会拥有最美好的人生。

巡演除了重金打造高水准梦幻舞台,还为艺人量身定做了十余套价值超过百万人民币的华丽衣裳。 同时,杨千嬅还特别推出新曲《穿越》作为本次巡演主题曲。她将透过历年经典名曲,为歌迷述说她的“美丽人生”,必定为久违的歌迷呈献一场耳目一新的视听觉飨宴!杨千嬅的首本名曲包括了《可惜我是水瓶座》、《少女的祈祷》、《小城大事》、《野孩子》、《飞女正传》、《再见二丁目》等作品。

杨千嬅为香港集「歌后」及「影后」於一身的巨星天后, 囊括《叱咤乐坛流行榜颁奖典礼》「女歌手金奖」、《十大劲歌金曲颁奖典礼》「最受欢迎女歌星」、《香港电影金像奖》「最佳女主角」、《香港电影评论学会大奖》「最佳女演员」最高荣誉个人奖项。


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