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动力火车 《都是因为爱》Power Station World Tour in Malaysia 2023

After the two days encore concert in Taipei, Power Station had announced during their celebration party that they are coming to Malaysia on 23rd September for their world tour!

Organized by ACO Media, co-organized by Metalive World and Star Planet, Power Station World Tour Concert in Malaysia will take place on 23rd September 2023 (Saturday), on 8:00 PM, at Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Get ready to relieve the classic memories and stimulate your brain cells! We believe that in your youth, there must be a song by Power Station that resonates you! “Dang”, “Chu Le Ai Ni Hai Neng Ai Shui”, “Bu Gan Xin Bu Fang Shou”, “Zhong Xiao Dong Lu Zou Jiu Bian”, “Cai Hong” or “Wai Tao”, regardless of which song it is, it may be the song that reveals your lost self in love. Each and every Power Station style of love song finds its way to your tears and sadness! Let’s sing out loud together, and express your joys and sorrows in the concert!

On this train to “love”, it will take you to listen to those deep emotions that were squeezed into the depths of your heart by years and fleeting moments. Have you ever really cherished yourself and love yourself enough? Looking back at your youthful days, have you ever loved, been hurt, or even hurt any others? Are those unspoken bitterness and sweet feelings still unresolved yet? Through Power Station’s songs, we can bravely and loudly sing out and make a confession and peace to ourselves.

After expressing your joys and sorrows, you will look at your past self, smile at how far you’ve gotten and be grateful for the experiences that have made you a better version now. Gently say to yourself, it is all “Because of Love”.

相信你的青春縮影裏一定有一首“動力火車”吧!《當》、《除了愛你還能愛誰》、《不甘心不放手》、《忠孝東路走九遍》、《彩虹》,或是《外套》?《無情的情書》?無論是哪一首,都可能是剛好可以讓在愛裡迷途徬徨的你被一語道破。首首 “動力式” 情歌讓無處安放的淚與悲,適得其所地宣泄!讓我們一起大合唱吧!大聲的發泄唱出你的喜怒哀樂來!


宣泄後的你會看著一個個從前的自己,你笑了,感謝有過的與遺憾有過的,並淡淡地對自己説一句 “都是因為愛” 啊。

Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to RM4 booking fee. 
  • Each ticket is attached with a UNIQUE QR code (one-time use only) which will be scanned upon venue admission. Please refrain from posting your e-ticket(s) online or share it with others to prevent forgery.
  • Children aged 3 and above must have a ticket for admission. However, young children between aged 3 to 16 years old should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 
  • Ticket Sale will start on July 7th, 2023 from 11am. Each transaction limits to a maximum of 6 tickets. Tickets will be electronically issued via email. You are advised to purchase ticket(s) only from authorised/official ticketing company. 
  • Please note that SP Membership points will not be applicable for this event.
  • Star Planet reserves the rights to any alternation or changes made on terms & promotions without prior notification.
  • In the event of an Event being cancelled or postponed, or if the venue or content is significantly changed, we will do our best to inform all purchasers using the contact details provided when the order was made. However, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to check whether the Event is going ahead at the scheduled date, time and venue. We cannot be held liable for any expenses you may incur in respect of travel, accommodation, or otherwise arising from cancellation or postponement of an Event.