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You are required to present your ticket for admission. E-ticket can be shown digitally (e.g. mobile device). However, to expedite door admission, you are advised to print your e-ticket on an A4 paper.

Doors usually open two hours before show time. However, the exact time may be subject to change depending on conditions. We recommend that you arrive at the venue earlier to ensure that you have enough time to go through security checks and find your seats.

Outside food is NOT allowed within the venue. Only beverages IN PLASTIC BOTTLES (not more than than 600ml) is permitted into the venue. No alcoholic beverage is allowed.

No Photography using professional camera. Any form of recording or Live-streaming is strictly prohibited. Violators may be rejected from the show.

The use of cigarettes and vaping devices is strictly prohibited both inside the venue and within its compound. Violators of this rule may be subject to fines imposed by the authorities.

Power bank is allowed into the venue.

Mask wearing is optional. However, patrons are encouraged to exercise social responsibility.

Luggage and suitcases are NOT allowed into the venue. Please refrain from bringing bulky luggage, bags or suitcases. You may store your items at the storage counter provided outside the entrance (storage fee may be applicable).

No admission for children aged 2years or below. Child at height 95cm or below is eligible for child ticket at RM50 without seat, while child at height above 95cm must purchase ticket according to price tier.

Child tickets are only available for sale at the venue on show day.

Yes, re-entry to the venue is allowed through designated doors.

  • Outside Food
  • Items that could potentially cause unease or discomfort to othersStainless steel / Glass
  • bottles / Can drinks /Plastic Bottles > 600ml
  • Weapons or sharp, dangerous objects
  • Cigarettes & smoking devices
  • Flammable objects
  • Foldable chair & stool
  • Helmets & non-retractable umbrellas
  • Laser pens, pointers, flash lights, whistles or any other items that may cause disruption to the show
  • Large luggage/suitcase/bags
  • Head Bands or large Accessories that may obstruct view of others
  • Fan board or any form of banner bigger than A3 size
  • Selfie sticks/tripods/monopods
  • Cameras, video cameras, tablets, any electronic devices except mobile phone & power bank