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周华健 《少年侠客》Wakin Chau World Tour Live in Malaysia 2023

After a 5-year hiatus, renowned Taiwanese singer Wakin Chau is finally set to captivate Malaysian audiences once again with his new tour to be staged at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil on September 9th & 10th at 8pm. This highly anticipated concert will serve as a reflection of Wakin Chau’s remarkable 37-year musical journey. The tour concert is designed to unfold dual themes with first part showcasing popular movie soundtracks by Wakin in the 90s. but infused with renewed vitality. The second part will invite fans to revel in the timeless and beloved melodies they hold dear while Wakin introduces fresh interpretations and compositions to these songs.

Attending this concert will be akin to witnessing two extraordinary performances intertwined into one captivating experience which provides you to an unprecedented listening journey that transcends traditional concert boundaries. The overall stage design also serves as a seamless complement to the two distinct parts of the concert, providing visually striking aesthetics that reflect the contrasting themes.

睽违大马5年的 “国民歌王”周华健将化身“少年侠客”,为旧经典灌注新的活力,用大家熟悉的歌声,在后疫情这个纷乱不安的年代,希望带给大家温暖隽永的情怀!演唱会名称“少年侠客”四个字,代表的正是周华健走过音乐生涯37年来的成长轨迹,更是他豁达爽朗的生活哲学!

 这次演唱会将以这【侠客】及【少年】两个概念做串联,为歌迷献上 “双面周华健” 的双主题演唱会, 引领观众像翻开一本小说。 上卷 “侠客行” 看新时代的经典武侠,下卷 “少年游” 聆听一路至今隽永的好歌绵延; 旧歌提炼出新生命,新歌则听见周华健的自身领悟,绝对会是一场层次丰富的音乐飨宴。演唱会的舞台也将配合上下卷呈现,上下半场皆是截然不同的设计,将现代武侠奇观,与日常的音乐场景交错,极致线条与虚实元素变换,有如一次观赏两场演唱会,两面周华健,曲目成双,心意成双,听好听满,史无前例!

过去在周华健的歌里,我们听见爱; 如今在周华健的音乐里,我们听见人生。 从一只麦克风唱到一把高脚椅与吉他,他把整个人生唱成一首给你的歌。 从年少的岁月,唱回少年的初心,从《花心》到《少年》,经典值得我们一次又一次再次聆听。

Date: 9  & 10 SEPT 2023, 8pm, Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil
Ticket CategoryNormal Price
(9 Sept 2023)
Normal Price
(10 Sept 2023)
VIP868.00  sold out868.00
P1768.00   sold out768.00
P2668.00  sold out668.00  sold out
P3568.00  sold out568.00  sold out
P4468.00  sold out468.00  sold out
P5368.00  sold out368.00  sold out
P6288.00  sold out288.00  sold out

Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia & subject to RM4 booking fee. All ticket categories are numbered seating.
  • No admission for children aged 2 years or below. Child at height 95cm or below is eligible for child ticket at RM50 without seat, while child at height above 95cm must purchase ticket accoring to price tier. Child tickets are only available for sale at the venue on show day.
  • Ticket Sale (for 9/9 show) will start on June 16th, 2023 from 2pm. Ticket sale (for 10/9 show) will start on July 4th, 2023 from 2pm.
  • Each ticket is attached with a UNIQUE QR code (one-time use only) which will be scanned upon venue admission. Please refrain from posting your e-ticket(s) online or share it with others to prevent forgery. 
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